ZZ Top are reportedly planning to release a four-song EP via iTunes in June, which will include 'I've Got to Get Paid,' the song they unveiled via a Jeremiah Weed beer commercial a few weeks ago.

Speaking to USA Today, band guitarist Billy Gibbons explains the unusual release method ZZ Top chose for the new song, and also sounds another death knell for physical music media such as CDs and vinyl:  "ZZ Top would be the last guess for the most Internet-savvy band. However, I think we're just in the initial stages of a very fast-moving platform. Sooner rather than later, any other form other than digital media will be a thing of the past."

For a guy who's dedicated to preserving vintage guitars, cars and of course, his beloved early blues music influences, Gibbons clearly has no fear of technology. He reveals in the interview that he's using his iPhone at each stop on their current tour to film video footage that is then broadcast behind the band during the performances.

"Song by song, we're attempting to create a thread that will tether the entire evening's performance into a cinematic expression as well. The scenes are of Texas, California, the desert, sand, cactus trees, rocks, a lot of fast cars and fast women."