ZZ Top superfans are directed to a new eBay item: Handmade hats similar to the one Billy Gibbons wears are on sale now. They're a little pricey at $375 but, hey, everybody loves a sharp-dressed man, right?

Known as a nudu, or Bamileke beanie, it's been a staple of Gibbons' wardrobe for several years now -- ever since he gave his Stetson 10-gallon to the leader of the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon during a break while on tour with ZZ Top.

Well, actually, it was more like a trade. Gibbons only handed over his cowboy hat after requesting one of the group's distinctive hats in return from the chief.

"He came straight up to me and said, 'I like the hat,'" Gibbons told the London Telegraph, back in 2008. "I said, 'now, wait a minute.' I said, 'Chief, I'm from Texas. We do a little horse trading over these matters.'"

Gibbons, who is set to reunite with his pre-ZZ Top bandmates in Moving Sidewalks on March 30 at the B.B. King Club and Grill in New York City, has been wearing a nudu hat ever since -- and now you can, too.

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