Here's a riddle, of sorts. What's a "Squackett?" No, it's not some hybrid bird created in a lab, unless you want to get metaphorical and consider music a bird and a studio a lab. It's what you get when you cross Yes bassist Chris Squire (who has played on every one of said band's records) and onetime Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. The duo will release 'A Life Within a Day' on May 29 via Esoteric Antenna.

The meeting of progressive minds was born when Squire was working on a solo effort, needed some guitar parts and was put in touch with Hackett. During those sessions, Squackett was born. As it turns out, it's not all the prog that you could ever want in one fell swoop, as the pair chose to take a simpler, more direct sonic route.

"It was very much about a bunch of pals swapping notes and anecdotes,” Hackett stated in a press release. “I would say if people are looking for uncountable time signatures, in the main that’s not what this album holds. I think the songs are more simple and direct.”

Squire concurred, “It has a flavor to it that is reminiscent of a few things from different artists. There is some clever prog rock stuff in there, some jazzy bits but there are parts that have vocal harmonies like Crosby, Stills and Nash."

See, things aren't always as they seem.

The release lands after Record Store Day, which is set for April 21, but that won't stop Squackett from participating. The pair will release a limited edition 7" vinyl single to tie in with International Record Store Day, which will be 'Sea of Smiles' (single edit) b/w 'Perfect Love Song.'

Squackett, 'A Life Within a Day' Track Listing

1. 'A Life Within a Day'
2. 'Tall Ships'
3. 'Divided Self'
4. 'Aliens'
5. 'Sea of Smiles'
6. 'The Summer Backwards'
7. 'Storm Chaser'
8. 'Can't Stop the Rain'
9. 'Perfect Love Song'

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