With the release of 'Quadrophenia: Live in London' and the news that there will be a new album expected in the fall, there has been increased interest in the Who of late. To celebrate, we're giving away a Who 'Best Sleepover Ever' Prize Pack courtesy of The Creative Quirk.

Our sleepover prize pack consists of three items: a sleeping bag, complete with its own carrying case; a onesie and a bathrobe, which also comes with four Who pins. All items feature the Who's early target logo and 'Quadrophenia'-era logo. Both the onesie and the bathrobe have soft fur lining inside the hoods.

Based in the U.K., The Creative Quirk specializes in uniquely designed licensed merchandise. In addition to the Who, they also have products from the Rolling Stones, the Ramones and the Beatles. You can view their catalog at their website.

For your chance to win the Who 'Best Sleepover Ever' Prize Pack, simply follow the instructions in the widget above. Sharing your entry on Facebook and Twitter will give you more opportunity to win. The contest ends on Monday, Aug. 11 at 11:59PM Eastern. Be sure to read the official contest rules!