Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' paved the way for some serious drama on tonight's edition of 'The Voice' -- and it had nothing to do with a boom box held outside of an open window by a broken-hearted Lloyd Dobler. Instead, it was all about former ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ star Tony Lucca's performance of the stirring hit -- and fellow former 'Mouse Club' member/current 'Voice' coach Christina Aguilera's reaction to it that caused the scene.

Constructive criticism is common on 'The Voice,' and even the occasional moment of extreme candor. But Aguilera's negative outburst was unusual because it was borderline personal, as she went off on a endorsement made by fellow Musketeer Justin Timberlake (yes, that makes three 'Mouse' show graduates here). "I just find you to be very one-dimensional,” Aguilera said after Lucca's performance, contradicting Timberlake's glowing opinion. “I would love to see if you make it past this point where you would grow from this stage.”

That made for some good TV, but Lucca managed to smile through the whole diatribe, confident that his performance won over others where it let down Aguilera. That said, his own coach Adam Levine didn't seem exactly bowled over. He praised the performance but still pointed out a flaw: mainly, Lucca was unable to nail the falsetto. “You worked your way around it in a way that made me really proud," said Levine, halfheartedly.

All in all, it wasn't the best of outcomes for Lucca, but this week it's not up to the coaches to the decide -- now it's up to the American voters. Will Lucca be back on next week's episode to sing again? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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