Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie can shame the Grinch, the Scrooge and every bad Santa on the planet when it comes to having scary character. This vintage 1980 Christmas card depicts Eddie with a blood stained guitar and portrays Santa Claus slain at his feet. The 4x6 artwork certainly bares more jeer than cheer but when it comes to rock memorabilia this seasonal item holds it value. This copy here, sold for $837.50 on eBay.

This card is authentic; extremely rare and autographed by all five members of the band. The inside of the card reads “A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Oh-Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo.” The inside gatefold of the card looks slightly discolored but the cover art and autographs still appear very sharp.

Issued as a holiday promo prior to Bruce Dickinson’s coming into the picture it should be noted that this card is signed by original vocalist Paul Di'Anno and then members Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Clive Burr. By then, the band were well on their way of being a very established group but to say it was the calm before the storm would be an understatement. Within two years Iron Maiden were huge, thanks to the success of their third album ‘The Number Of The Beast.’

Eddie is one of rock’s most recognizable icons; symbolic of the band, always arriving with a source of power and a look in his eye that silently threatens to be loud. We’ve seen him portrayed in dozens of scenarios and represented through various mediums but here, it’s the dichotomy of seeing him in the same room with Santa that makes this collectible stand out. The fact that Santa is no longer standing at all is Iron Maiden humor at its absolute best.

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