According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the year of the dragon, but it's looking more like the year of Van Halen every day! Private club show, new tour, new album, new video, new haircut and threads for returning lead singer David Lee Roth... and now, we have a previously unseen video of the mighty VH performing an acoustic version of 'You Really Got Me.'

Yeah, that's right, acoustic! The video was filmed at the residence of one "Diamond" David Lee Roth, and the main man himself even introduces the unplugged jam, accompanying himself with a little guitar picking.

The clip offers a sneak peek into some of the bonus material that will be available on the limited edition version of the band's forthcoming new album 'A Different Kind Of Truth.' Speaking to, Mr. Roth said, "Culturally, our new video is old school meets new school. Kind of like watching 'Dragnet' on your iPad." He always did have a way with words.

It's actually pretty cool to see the guys in this setting, free of the bombast of a big rock show, just cutting loose and hanging out. See for yourselves!

Watch Van Halen Perform 'You Really Got Me' Acoustically

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