Van Halen's much-anticipated 2012 tour with original singer David Lee Roth didn't exactly go off as planned, with a ton of dates eventually being scrapped. But that didn't stop them from making an animated appearance on last night's episode of 'South Park.'

In the episode, titled 'Ginger Cow,' world peace is achieved after the symbols for Islam, Judaism and Christianity are mashed together to reveal one universal religious symbol: Van Halen's iconic logo. You can watch the big reveal in the above clip.

Religious leaders gather in Jerusalem to settle their ages-old differences. They finally settle their grudges, and after a rabbi tells the gathered crowd, "Let us celebrate, under one symbol," the trio of symbols come together to form the famous Van Halen logo.

Then 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love' begins to play as a cartoon Eddie Van Halen takes the stage, followed by the other members of the band, including Roth. As the diverse crowd cheers for the thundering guitars, a news reporter exclaims, "The party is officially underway! Jews, Christians and Muslims have united, ushering in 10 years of Van Halen!"

If only it were that easy.