Van Halen is captured in a new photograph with the bosses of Interscope records, with whom they just signed a record deal that takes them away from Warner Brothers for the first time in their career.

If you think about it, despite all the speculation, this is the first official confirmation from the band, other than lead singer David Lee Roth's vague 'Get Ready' website post back in July, that they are actually releasing a new CD.

Although in most cases it's rather easy to determine who's in a rock band and who has a day job in this photo, in case you're curious, Blabbbermouth runs down the lineup pictured above: (left to right) Alex Van Halen; Wolfgang Van Halen; Eddie Van Halen; Jimmy Iovine, Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M Records; Irving Azoff, Executive Chairman of Live Nation Entertainment and Chairman and CEO of the Front Line Management Group (jeez that's a long title!); Steve Berman, Vice Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M Records; David Lee Roth; and Jim Urie, President and CEO, Universal Music Group Distribution.

(P.S. -- Are you reading anything into the fact that Roth is standing away from his bandmates? Yeah, neither are we.)

OK, ready for the two-minute drill? The upcoming new Van Halen album, which is expected (but not confirmed) to be released in early February 2012, will be the band's first since 1998's 'III' and their first with original lead singer Roth since 1984's '1984.' Conflicting reports suggest the band will (or will not) appear on the Grammy nominations show Nov. 30 to make some sort of announcement about their plans.

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