Van Halen's lead-off single from their first David Lee Roth-fronted album in 27 years is is rumored to be called 'Late Term,' and scheduled for arrival next Tuesday (Aug. 23), according to reports we have been instructed to take with not just a grain, but a shakerful of salt.

The Boston Herald reports that "a friend of a friend who is tight with someone in the Van Halen camp" told them the details listed above. OK, so we're not saying you should chisel this information down in stone, but when it comes to Van Halen news at this point, we'll take what we can get.

Of course, the last round of rumors were that the new Van Halen single was going to be released over the 4th of July holiday weekend. This speculation was further fueled by a simple 'Get Ready' note posted on lead singer Roth's official website, but all that ended up happening was us missing out on some fireworks and pool time cause we were checking our phones every 10 minutes for a song that never arrived.

Since then, we've heard from Ross Hogarth, producer of this as-yet officially unannounced album, who said the band were "at the top of their game" during the sessions, and then watched as a series of autumn concert appearances in Australia were booked, then cancelled, though, it wasn't Van Halen's fault. Stay tuned!