Well, our opening weekly series of "Great Starts" Top 10 lists went pretty darn well, so we're going to push our luck with "Twice as Nice" week this time around. 

We're gonna focus on duos, duets and sophomore albums, with quick breaks to acknowledge some big-time rock legends on their birthdays. Your feedback and suggested additions to last week's lists were greatly appreciated, and we hope to hear more of the same from everybody this time out. Enjoy!

"Twice as Nice" Week Top 10 Lists Publishing Schedule:

Monday, May 23 - Top 10 Singer / Guitarist Duos in Rock Bands
Tuesday, May 24 - Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs of the Last 20 Years (it's his birthday)
Wednesday, May 25 - Top 10 Duets
Thursday, May 26 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Stevie Nicks (it's her birthday)
Friday, May 27 - Top 10 Second Albums
Saturday, May 28 - Top 10 Guitar Duos