To celebrate the launch of, we've put together a series of Top 10 lists highlighting the best beginnings in rock history. You'll find everyone from AC/DC to ZZ Top, including hopefully your favorites, on our countdowns of the best songs, albums and lyrics in classic rock.

This is most likely going to be the shortest post we ever write, but only because there's so  much great music to read about, listen to and even watch in the stories listed below.  Hope you like them, please feel free to leave us all the feedback you want in the comments section of each article.

"Great Starts" Week Top 10 Lists Publishing Schedule:

Monday, May 16 - Top 10 Rock Concert Opening Songs
Tuesday, May 17 - Top 10 Album-Opening Tracks
Wednesday, May 18 - Top 10 Debut Singles
Thursday, May 19 - 10 Best Opening Lyrics
Saturday, May 20 - Top 10 Debut Albums

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