It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas -- and a Pink Christmas at that! Holiday lights displays set to rock 'n' roll music are all the rage these days -- check out our feature on awesome AC/DC light shows if you don't believe us -- and Pink Floyd's spacey, psychedelic jams are the perfect sonic companion to a well-orchestrated show of brightly-colored, pretty flickering lights. With that in mind, we searched high and low for the best Pink Floyd Christmas lights displays we could find, some of which we think are flat-out stunning:

  • Pink Christmas

    One minute it's pitch-black night in serene upstate New York, the next a giant heart flashes on with purple and red lights: the first beginning of a truly spectacular lights extravaganza. The camera slowly pans to reveal a massive display -- rows of evergreens, outlined trees, and giant circles, hearts and stars -- all lit up with multi-colored lights flashing along to the serene strains of Pink Floyd's 'Us and Them.' Breathtaking.

  • 'Diamond' Nights

    If 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' was written in tribute to Santa instead of Syd Barrett, its video may have looked a little something like this. The Weber Family has been stringing up dancing, shimmering and twinkling lights -- 100,000 of them! -- outside their house in La Salle, Ill., for three years now, raising more than $20,000 for a local food bank in the process.

  • 'Money' Tree

    Is this some sort of socio-political comment on the commercialization of Christmas in modern society? Or perhaps just a hint for Santa about what somebody wants for Christmas? No matter what the reason, you are definitely going to groove along to 'Money,' the Floyd classic that's the soundtrack to this indoor display. Traditional, simple and elegant. And green.

  • A Ribbon of Pink

    Santa doesn't need to learn how to fly -- that's what Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and the rest of his reindeer are for. He also apparently doesn't need to learn how to rock -- that's what Pink Floyd, floating through 'Learning to Fly' in this clip, are for. Check out how the kick and snare drum sync up to the lights at the beginning ... that's some professional x-mas lights display mastery going on. Merry Christmas!

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