The best rock albums of 2023 come from several places, starting with the past. Most of the artists in the below list of Top 30 Rock Albums of 2023 - which were voted on by the UCR staff - are veterans of the field, legendary artists who are still making vital records decades into their careers.

No band lived up to their legacy more this past year than the Rolling Stones, who released their first album of new, original material in 18 years. Hackney Diamonds was the product of a revived band, still reeling from the death of an original member and fighting back complaints they were too old to be relevant. This tough, hook-filled album proved critics wrong.

Not to be outdone in the long-time-between-records category or creative resurgence, Peter Gabriel released his first album of all new and original material in 21 years, i/o, with a novel approach: Each month of 2023 during the full moon he unveiled a new track from the LP so that the finished work was available before it arrived officially in full. It's a striking album, a rebirth of the artist's greatest instincts.

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Meanwhile, Neil Young journeyed through his past, Foo Fighters fought back grief, Paul Simon, among others, reflected on his mortality and country legend Dolly Parton made good on her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame promise to release an album of rock songs with some of the biggest names in the industry.

It's a diverse group you'll find below in the list of Top 30 Rock Albums of 2023, as it should be. Rock 'n' roll shouldn't stay in one place; its evolution is a crucial part of its fabric. And as the best of these records show, you're never too old to be at the top of your game.

Top 30 Rock Albums of 2023

Big returns, genre moves and records reliable legends mark the year's best.

Gallery Credit: Michael Gallucci

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