Motley Crue recently launched their summer tour with Poison and the New York Dolls. Drummer Tommy Lee has been making waves with his coolest drum kit to date, the ‘360’ drum roller coaster, which he calls the “evolution of the drum madness.”

Following the release of initial fan-shot video footage of Lee’s high flying drum set, the band has issued new video footage of the percussive monster, featuring special interviews with Lee and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx.

Lee talked about the inspiration for the new drum creation, saying that as a kid, “whenever the drummer started his drum solo, I wondered why people would leave to go get a beer, buy a t-shirt, restroom, whatever!! I wanted to show people what happens behind the drum set, so I decided to expose it all by flipping the drums vertical, upside-down, making them disappear and fly over the audiences heads!”

From the band’s perspective, Sixx says that their thought was, “Let’s get people out of their house, because they have no choice. They have no choice [but] to see something this outrageous, it’s like Cirque Du Soleil, you know, you have to go see it or you’re not going to experience it!"

For this summer’s tour, Motley also solicited fan input to determine their setlist, by allowing fans to vote on a list that included every song that the band has ever recorded. They seem to have chosen pretty much the same songs that the band has featured the last few times they toured, so either you can say that the voting backfired, or that Motley has been doing the right thing all along.

Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx Discuss Lee's 360 Drum Kit

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