With less than two months to go before Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers release their new 'Hypnotic Eye' record, the promotional machine has shifted into high gear -- and today, it's cranking out the first official single from the album, 'U Get Me High.' You can hear it and another song, 'Red River,' below.

Arriving hot on the heels of 'American Dream Plan B,' which the band leaked less than a week ago, 'High' serves up a solid helping of that classic Petty and the Heartbreakers sound, with a stomping beat, brilliantly simple chord structure, and a pair of stinging lead guitar solos, all woven around a typically cool, reedy Petty vocal. If you found 'Dream' a tad sleepy for your liking, 'U Get Me High' should restore your faith in the new LP -- and if your first peek at 'Hypnotic Eye' got you excited, then hearing 'High' should only strengthen your buzz.

As longtime Heartbreakers fans may recall, this isn't the first time Petty's recorded a song with something like this title; the earlier castoff 'You Get Me High' was included on the sixth disc of 1995's 'Playback' box, although aside from a few words in common, the two songs don't really share much musical DNA. Listen for 'U Get Me High' on your favorite rock station, and keep an ear out for further previews from 'Hypnotic Eye' between now and July 29, when the album arrives in stores. Pre-ordering the album at Petty's website will generate immediate downloads of 'Dream,' 'High,' and 'Red River,' with two more songs coming on June 29 and July 15.

Hear Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Perform 'U Get Me High'

Hear Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Perform 'Red River'

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