Jered Threatin, frontman of the “fake” band Threatin which made headlines last year, lost a small claims court case amounting to almost $20,000 brought by two former members.

MetalSucks reported that guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis had launched proceedings in a Caifornia court with the aim of recovering money lost during their abandoned European tour.

After a number of shows went ahead with almost no audience present, details began to appear about Threatin’s background, including that he’d invented his own industry award, record label, booking agency and fan base to present his newly-formed band as an established entity. He later claimed he had no regrets.

Prunera and Davis filed against Threatin, real name Jered Eames, and his wife Kelsey Eames, to recover monies they said they were due as a result of the experience. After the Eameses failed to appear to defend themselves, Prunera was awarded the maximum $10,000 plus $250 in court fees, while Davis was awarded $3975. The drummer’s mom was awarded $4035 for having flown from the U.S. to Ireland for a Threatin show, and for buying her son a flight home once the band had collapsed.

MetalSucks said that the Eameses had failed to acknowledge court paperwork that was sent to them in March ahead of the hearing, and Kelsey was finally served in person at the end of the month. A document informing them that they’d lost the case and owed nearly $20,000 was returned “not deliverable as addressed,” leading Prunera to speculate that “Kelsey simply wrote ‘not deliverable as addressed’ on the letter and put it back in the mail. With the 30-day appeal period having expired, “the plaintiffs can now turn to freezing of assets or wage garnishment to collect the money owed to them. It is not known whether Jered or Kelsey currently have jobs or what those jobs might be.”

Meanwhile, Jered Threatin launched a search for a new guitarist via Instagram, with a return show booked at the Underworld in London, U.K., despite the band’s previous appearance there to an almost empty room. While it’s not clear if he has secured the services of other musicians, last year’s bassist Gavin Carney – who didn’t quit alongside Prunera and Davis – said in November that despite the turmoil he’d consider rejoining Threatin.

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