Jered Threatin, the singer at the center of “fake” tour allegations, released a statement that suggested he was unrepentant about his actions.

A European road trip by his band Threatin was canceled after he apparently created a fake history, following, management company, booking agency and industry award in order to persuade venues to let him play. Even though he told promoters and colleagues that hundreds of tickets had been sold, every show that took place went ahead before just a handful of people. His three band members, discovering the truth of their situation, finally quit.

Threatin – real name Jered Eames – released what he called a “‘fake’ official statement,” saying, “What is Fake News? I turned an empty room into an international headline. If you are reading this, you are part of the illusion.”

His brother Scott Eames told Metal Sucks that, regardless of the statement, Threatin had been serious in a bid for stardom. “It is my opinion that with the same amount of effort and money, of which I’m sure he’s borrowed a lot, there’s no doubt in my mind, with his talent, he could have done something in a legitimate and respectable manner,” he said.

“Instead, he’s gone the route of manipulation and deceit. While he may try to spin all this as an elaborate hoax of sorts, I can assure you, knowing my brother, that this indeed was a failed attempt at entering the music industry.”

Meanwhile, a Threatin shirt purchased during the failed tour is being auctioned for charity. Mel, singer with the British band Aonia, bought it in Manchester, mainly because she felt sorry that Threatin were playing to an empty room.

“They actually put on quite a good show and I really enjoyed them,” she said. “They had a shed-load of merch. Like, at least two suitcases full. I asked if they took card and she said no, but that I could have the T-shirt and PayPal her $20, which I did when I got home.”

It’s now on eBay, with proceeds to be given to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, dedicated to the memory of the British woman who was murdered in 2007 because she was wearing gothic fashion.

You can watch a clip of Threatin at the Manchester show below.

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