Them, the Belfast, Northern Ireland, band that launched the career of Van Morrison, will have its three-year history with Morrison chronicled in a new three-CD boxed set. The Complete Them 1964-1967 will be released on Dec. 4.

The 70 tracks in the collection (listed below) comprise the two albums the recorded with Morrison at the helm, 1965's The Angry Young Them and Them Again a year later, along with non-LP singles and an entire disc of demos, alternate takes and live versions. Morrison himself wrote the liner notes in the accompanying 16-page booklet.

In 1964, Morrison, then 18, needed a band to play a rhythm-and-blues club that he had opened up at Belfast's Maritime Hotel. He hired the Gamblers out of East Belfast, installed himself as the singer and harmonica and saxophone player, and the group changed their name to Them. On the strength of their energetic live performances, they were signed to Decca within a few months.

Best known for the garage-rock standard "Gloria," Them also had Top 40 hits with "Mystic Eyes" and "Here Comes the Night." On his 1996 song "Devil's Haircut." Beck sampled both the guitar riff from Them's "I Can Only Give You Everything" and the drum part from "Out of Sight."

The group continued after Morrison left for a solo career in 1967. But they did not have the same level of commercial success and broke up in 1972.

'The Complete Them 1964-1967' Track Listing

Disc One

1. "Don't Start Crying Now"
2. "One Two Brown Eyes"
3. "Baby Please Don't Go"
4. "Gloria"
5. "Philosophy"
6. "Here Comes the Night"
7. "All for Myself"
8. "One More Time"
9. "How Long Baby"
10. "Mystic Eyes"
11. "If You And I Could Be As Two"
12. "Little Girl" (album version)
13. "Just a Little Bit"
14. "I Gave My Love a Diamond"
15. "You Just Can't Win"
16. "Go On Home Baby"
17. "Don't Look Back"
18. "I Like It Like That"
19. "I'm Gonna Dress In Black"
20. "Bright Lights, Big City"
21. "My Little Baby"
22. "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66"
23. "(It Won t Hurt) Half As Much"

Disc Two

1. "Could You Would You"
2. "Something You Got"
3. "Call My Name" (album version)
4. "Turn On Your Love Light"
5. "I Put a Spell On You"
6. "I Can Only Give You Everything"
7. "My Lonely Sad Eyes"
8. "I Got a Woman"
9. "Out of Sight"
10. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"
11. "Bad Or Good"
12. "How Long Baby"
13. "Hello Josephine"
14. "Don't You Know"
15. "Hey Girl"
16. "Bring 'Em On In" (album version)
17. "Richard Cory"
18. "Friday's Child"
19. "The Story Of Them, Part 1"
20. "The Story Of Them, Part 2"
21. "Times Getting Tougher Than Tough"
22. "Stormy Monday Blues"
23. "Baby What You Want Me To Do"

Disc Three

1. "Don't Start Crying Now" (demo)
2. "Gloria" (demo)
3. "One Two Brown Eyes" (demo)
4. "Stormy Monday Blues" (demo)
5. "Turn On Your Love Light" (alternate version)
6. "Baby Please Don't Go" (Take 4)
7. "Here Comes The Night" (Take 2)
8. "Gloria" (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club")
9. "All for Myself" (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club")
10. "Here Comes the Night" (Live on BBC's "Saturday Club")
11. "Little Girl" (version one)
12. "Go On Home Baby" (Take 4)
13. "I Gave My Love a Diamond" (Take 8)
14. "(It Won't Hurt) Half as Much" (Take 2)
15. "My Little Baby" (Take 1)
16. "How Long Baby" (Take 1)
17. "One More Time" (Take 14)
18. "Gloria" (Live on BBC's Saturday Club)
19. "Here Comes the Night" (Live on BBC's Saturday Club)
20. "One More Time" (Live on BBC's Saturday Club)
21. "Call My Name" (single version)
22. "Bring 'Em On In" (single version)
23. "Mighty Like a Rose"
24. "Richard Cory" (Alternate Version)

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