This year Whovember follows October on the mod calendar. Fans of the Who will be able to purchase four separate collections of the band's music ranging from live performances to their debut record to all of their albums on vinyl. For the first time fans can also own the songs the classic rockers performed at the 2012 London Olympics.

To close the Olympics, Roger Daltrey and company performed 'Baba O' Riley,' 'See Me Feel Me,' 'Listening to You' and 'My Generation' for a live audience in London. The performance was famously blacked out for U.S. television audiences. 'Music for the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games' will be available on Nov. 19. Fans can download it or try for one of 1,000 blue vinyl copies available Here.

The other packages available on Nov. 19 are the band's 1965 'My Generation' album and 'Live at Hull,' a 1970 recording that features two CD's worth of material previously released on the 'Live at Leeds' super-deluxe box set. The band recorded back-to-back shows in Feb. 1970, both at seedier clubs instead of large coliseums.

And finally, every studio recording the band has ever cut is available on vinyl on Nov. 19. The 14-piece package includes everything from 'My Generation' to the Who's 2006 album 'Endless Wire.' It's not clear if or how these items will be made available to fans in the U.S. As of now the Universal Music store only lists the prices in British pounds.

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