Kiss, puppets, street corner harmonies, a police car and a screaming siren -- now that's entertainment! A vocal group calling themselves The Torpedian Harmonists have taken to the You Tube airwaves to deliver a tribute to Ace, Peter and those other two guys, with an a cappella four part harmony rendition of 'Talk To Me,' an obscure Kiss song that first appeared on their 1980 'Unmasked' album.

Tune in and you will see four sheep puppets, in full Kiss makeup, singing in a modified doo wop or street corner style style. The 'Gene' puppet even has it's tongue hanging out for the entire performance. My favorite part has to be the 'guitar' solo...nothing beats a guitar break done with vocal chords!

In a "fan letter" posted to, the band declares, "We are Picoula, Spice Ice, Starvey and Gemon from the Torpedian Harmonists. The first animalistic KISS Tribute worldwide from Germany. With our little version of “Talk To Me” we take a bow to the band that made our lives worth living! Have fun!"

Little is known about The Torpedian Harmonists, but we assume they took their name from the late 1920's German based vocal group The Comedian Harmonists.

We can only imagine that Kiss would be pleased as punch or possibly punched as pleased to see their likeness in harmonic convergence with the world of hand puppets. Now if they can work the Kiss dolls, sorry, action figures into the mix, we will really have a show!

Meanwhile, back at the puppet show, no sign of Shari Lewis, Lambchop, Kermit or Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. Stay tuned.

Watch The Torpedian Harmonists Perform 'Talk To Me' by Kiss

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