They don't exactly occupy the same end of the musical spectrum, but rock legends ZZ Top and up-and-coming metal band the Sword are both from Texas -- and it turns out that's enough shared musical DNA to produce a pretty effective cover.

The expanded edition of the Sword's recently released third album, 'Apocryphon,' comes with a few extra live tracks and the band's version of 'Cheap Sunglasses,' a cut from ZZ Top's 1979 LP 'Deguello.' While 'Sunglasses' barely managed to crack the Hot 100 during its brief chart run in 1980, it's gone on to become one of the band's signature songs, thanks in large part to its early synthesis of the ingredients that would go on to define ZZ Top's '80s sound: A stomping beat, an unstoppable boogie riff, and some unusual instrumentation.

The Sword's version of the song doesn't include the rickety Marshall amp that Billy Gibbons used to obtain its signature tone, but it's fairly faithful in most other respects, and the live version embedded below -- recorded back in August 2011 -- proves they've been kneeling at the altar of Top for quite some time. Check it out.

The Sword Cover ZZ Top's 'Cheap Sunglasses'