The previously announced Doors five-CD box set marking the 40th anniversary of the band's 'L.A. Woman' album, which was originally due out by the end of 2011, has been pushed back to next year, according to a post from Jeff Jampol, the band's manager.

The set is being shelved for several months, Jampolls reveals, as the band gets ready to kick off the previously unannounced "Year of the Doors" promotion, which will include input from Elektra founder Jac Holzman and include plans for several more high-quality Doors-related releases. "This will entail several changes to our planned release schedule, mostly reconfiguring release dates due to expanded packaging and higher-end materials we want to use," Jampolls writes.

The first "Year of the Doors" release is a seven-inch vinyl box set for participating Record Store Day retailers, due out this November on Black Friday (Nov. 25). A two-disc version 'L.A. Woman' box set is expected to follow in January, at the earliest, with the super deluxe five-CD version also possibly hitting stores then. Other plans include two Doors digital apps and two CD box sets dedicated to the band’s London Fog and Matrix performances.

There's also a "super secret 'hush-hush' cool collectible piece" planned for September 2012 as well, although Jampolls refused to go into detail about what that could be. In addition to Holzman and Jampolls, Doors producer/engineer Bruce Botnick is also working on the "Year of the Doors" campaign, so expect an especially fine attention to audio detail with all these releases.

While it's certainly disappointing there will be no 'L.A. Woman' 40th anniversary celebration release this year, it sounds as if "The Year of Doors" campaign could certainly worth the wait. (Although we will say, this clashes terribly with our "Year of Ultimate Classic Rock" plans...)

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