The Darkness have announced their seventh album, Motorheart, which will be released on Oct. 17, with the lead single arriving next month.

The British glam-rockers have also lined up a run of U.K. concerts at the end of the year, with Iron Maiden leader Steve Harris’ side project British Lion opening.

“Drop the needle anywhere on Motorheart and be instantly transported from this moaning and weeping vale of tears to Elysian fields of rock where all hands are raised,” a statement from the Darkness noted. “The drinks – just as in the Club Tropicana of yore – are free, and everyone wears a pleasingly salacious grin. Does it rock? Is the sun hot? Has your partner’s touch grown cold? The Darkness are the Orwellian boot stamping on the flaccid face of limp rock, forever!”

The follow-up to 2019’s Easter Is Cancelled was described as “brimming with their trademark blazing guitar riffs and solos, soaring falsetto and immeasurable rock ‘n’ roll extravagance.”

Frontman Justin Hawkins said: “The time has come, the walrus said … to put your fookin pants on your head and rock like Satan is eating your private parts with a pointy fork! Yes, we, the Darkness, are the fuck back on tour, praise Satan’s better half. … Come and party with us like it’s the last orders at the last-chance saloon. Which it may well be, but I wouldn’t like to comment any further on that. … What a night! Delirium! Outfits, including hats! Denim that smells of hamsters! Who doesn’t want that? See you down the front, connoisseurs of the finest that life has to offer.”

Motorheart is available to preorder in several formats now.


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