The Damned announced the upcoming release of their album Evil Spirits – their first new LP in 10 years – on April 13.

It follows So, Who’s Paranoid, which came out in 2008. The English punk icons also issued the first track from their new album. You can listen to “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow” below via Spotify.

Evil Spirits was funded by a pledge campaign and produced by David Bowie's longtime and frequent collaborator Tony Visconti. “We deliberately recorded the album retro style – the same way our debut album was made, basically,” said guitarist Captain Sensible. “There’s something wonderful about the '70s sounds; glam, rock and punk records – they all sound so great, and Tony specializes in beautifully crafted old-school production. He had us all playing live, bashing it out in the same room with a focus on getting the initial band version of each song as close as possible to the finished thing.”

Singer Dave Vanian noted that “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow” is a reflection of the era. “As an artist, you can’t help but reflect the times, because that’s what art does," he said. "I think we always do it, but in a slightly different way. So a song like ‘Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow’ may seem quite joyous and uplifting musically, but some of the lyrics might be about quite dark things. That’s what I’d like to think this album is – an uplifting album, not a moaning old album – not ‘this is terrible, and that’s terrible’, and then not offering any answers. It’s more a case of, ‘If we get it together, maybe we could change things a bit.’”

When the Damned announced the pledge drive, they celebrated their legacy by pointing out that they "stick two fingers up to mediocrity and celebrate a DIY punk ethos in the face of plastic entertainment and scripted reality. Original members David Vanian and Captain Sensible never expected to still be doing it 40 years later, but here they are – as their loyal following will attest, all simply because they are still an incredible live band who sound as fresh and exciting as they did way back in 1976.”

The Damned will launch a U.K. tour on Jan. 26 that runs through Feb. 17.  You can see the track listing for the Evil Spirits album below.

The Damned, 'Evil Spirits' Track Listing
1. "Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow"
2. "Devil In Disguise"
3. "We’re So Nice"
4. "Look Left"
5. "Evil Spirits"
6. "Shadow Evocation"
7. "Sonar Deceit"
8. "Procrastination"
9. "Daily Liar"
10. "I Don’t Care"

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