Classically trained singer-songwriter Kris Delmhorst is a mega Cars fan, an attraction that started back in 1984 when the then-teenager bought her first cassette from Tower Records, ‘Heartbeat City.' She was instantly “unnerved but fascinated by lead singer [Ric Ocasek's] punchy warble” and “defenseless against intricate layers of pop hooks,” reads a note on her website.

About zero percent of Kris Delmhorst's music implies such a strong reverence for new wave rockers the Cars. But sometimes the unexpected brings the finest results. The 33-year-old singer recently put together an album of Cars songs, simply titled ‘Cars,’ and trekking through classics and B-sides on the set, Delmhorst brings a fresh, welcoming feel to the classic tracks. Her radiant voice couples well with the Cars’ supreme pop sensibilities. Adding to the vibe are a melange of instruments, including fiddle, accordion, upright bass and mandolin. Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes even guests on ukulele for a few songs.

“'Cars' represents recreation in both senses: a joyful lark partnered with serious interpretation, the uncomplicated love of youthful fandom paired with a deep attention to and respect for craft,” states her site.

Kris Delmhorst, ‘Cars’ Track List:

1. 'You Might Think'
2. 'Why Can't I Have You'
3. 'Hello Again'
4. 'Shake It Up'
5. 'Magic'
6. 'Tonight She Comes'
7. 'Drive'
8. 'Just What I Needed'
9. 'Getting Through'
10. 'You Wear Those Eyes'
11. 'My Best Friend's Girl'

Watch Kris Delmhorst Perform the Cars' 'Drive'

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