In the tightest race of the 2012 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards, the Beatles' 'Stereo Vinyl Box Set' takes home the prize for Box Set of the Year. The award was voted on by our readers.

The Beatles won 28% of the vote, narrowly beating out Judas Priest's 'The Complete Albums Collection,' which had 27%. Coming in a not-so-distant third place was Heart (24%) for their 'Strange Euphoria' set, which contained many demos and live cuts.

With only three acts taking nearly 80% of all votes cast, there was little left for the remaining six nominees. Blue Oyster Cult was in fourth place with 5% for 'The Columbia Album Collection,' followed by Peter Gabriel's 'So - 25th Anniversary Immersion Box Set' (4%) and the Kinks' 'The Kinks at the BBC' (3%).

Propping up the list were the Grateful Dead's 'Spring 1990,' (3%), Paul Simon's 'Graceland' (2%) and, in last place, Roxy Music's 'The Complete Studio Recordings' (2%).

Congratulations to the Beatles on winning this award. We're always glad to see such talented, but unheralded, acts be rewarded for their work. While they may have said that all you need is love, it helps to have a strong fanbase willing to vote for you.

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