The war of words between Ted Nugent and the media continues to heat up, with the politically outspoken rock star reeling off 44 rapid-fire tweets about the evils of the world last night, even as a series of politicians lined up to condemn his most recent remarks on President Obama.

About a month ago in a video interview, Nugent referred to Obama as a "subhuman mongrel." CNN's Wolf Blitzer then connected that language to Nazi propaganda during a Tuesday broadcast. The Nuge's Twitter response -- apparently since removed -- read:



From there, he began a stream of 44 tweets -- all starting with the same "Are words really more offensive" setup -- urging his followers to consider whether words are more offensive than some of the country's current issues with unemployment, taxes, government spying and "a biased lying media." Some examples:

The controversy has become a flash point in Texas, after Nugent made campaign stops this week on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

Wendy Davis, Abbott's Democratic opponent, called the Tuesday appearances "repulsive." Outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry initally backed Nugent, saying "Anybody that’s offended -- sorry, but that’s just Ted." This morning, however, he backtracked and deemed the remarks "inappropriate."

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is calling Nugent's description of the president "offensive," adding that it "has no place in politics. He should apologize."

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