Ted Nugent has blasted President Barack Obama once again, labeling the leader of the free world a "subhman mongrel" and "gangster" who was allowed to "weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America."

The comments came near the end of an eight-minute video interview with Guns.com, which you can see in its entirety right here. After a typically witty and tongue-twisting description of his band's live sound -- "the most impacting, spiritual and guttural primal scream rhythm and blues soundtrack in the history of the world... I definitely want a copy of that" -- the Motor City Madman trained his sites on our elected officials.

"The state of politics in America are heartbreaking, tragic, and virtually self-inflicted," Nugent declared, "and I think I'm speaking for everybody here (at the 2014 SHOT show where the interview was taped) [when I say] we would like to apologize to the heroes in the military for bending over since World War II, and allowing a Commander in Chief who is the enemy of the U.S. military."

If those sentiments don't already make it crystal clear that toning down his political commentary wasn't one of Uncle Ted's New Year's resolutions, here's this parting shot: "So a lot of people would call that inflammatory speech. Well, I would call it inflammatory speech when it’s your job to protect Americans and you look into the television camera and say what difference does it make that I failed in my job to provide security and we have four dead Americans. What difference does that make? Not to a chimpanzee or Hillary Clinton, I guess it doesn’t matter."

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