Say what you will about his music, but few things are more entertaining than Ted Nugent when he has a bee in his camouflage bonnet -- and lately, he's been more irate than usual, campaigning in his own special way for Republican candidates during an election year. His show last Friday (June 8th) offered the Nuge one more chance to tell people what he thinks about the current state of America, and he didn't let it slip away.

"There's an American Dream," Nugent informed the crowd at the Republic of Texas Biker Rally in Fort Worth, according to Rolling Stone. "There's no French dream. There's no Cuban dream. There's no Spanish dream. Is there a Mexican dream, except 'Get the f--- out of Mexico?' I can't blame you."

But Uncle Ted wasn't finished yet. Nugent, who avoided military service during the draft and adopted a teenage girl to get around the fact that she was too young to marry, continued to espouse good old-fashioned American values from the stage, boasting that "I p--- off a--holes just for being myself" and shouting a hearty "F--- you" to "Any p------ from the Fish and Wildlife out there" who "want to take my guitars."

Continuing with a salute to the "NRA gun nut motherf---ers out there," Nugent urged Texans to "put a f---ing gun in your hand" because "stormtroopers" are coming. "We're gonna fix it in November, aren't we boys and girls?" asked Nugent, who drew the attention of the Secret Service earlier this year after he predicted that he'd end up "dead or in jail" if President Obama is re-elected in the fall.

All in all, just another night at the office for the Motor City Madman, who explained to the crowd, "I rock & roll my balls off all summer long. The rest of the year, I just kill s---."

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