Even though the release of his newest studio record 'Shutup&Jam' is still more than a month away, Ted Nugent has revealed that he is more than 20 songs deep into the making of its follow-up.

In an interview with VH1 Radio Network, Nugent says, "I'm already into 20 songs for my next record. The next record will be called 'Everything' and the titles are 'Sex Is Everything', 'Freedom Is Everything', 'Attitude Is Everything', 'Spirit Is Everything', 'My Dogs Are Everything', 'Guns Are Everything', 'Barbecue Is Everything'. Every song on the next record is going to be 'Da-Da-Da is Everything.'"

He also revealed that he hopes to welcome a couple of special guests to perform on the record which he deems to be a "lot of bluesy type songs."

"I'm going to see if Steven Tyler and Kid Rock will sing some with me," Nugent says.

In addition to his longtime band of Derek St. Holmes, Greg Smith and Mick Brown, Sammy Hagar is a featured guest on 'Shutup&Jam!' contributing vocals to the track 'She's Gone.'

In a press release concerning his involvement with Nugent's upcoming record, Hagar said, “When I first heard Ted’s demo of this song, I immediately responded with ‘I’m in,’ Ted’s ripping the guitar like the days of old…very inspiring to sing to a track like that—old-school blues riff, hard edged rock ‘n roll on fire!!!”

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