Ted Nugent, who's no stranger to publicly sharing his opinion on a wide range of political and cultural subjects, is at it again. He was online the other day attacking the "Ferguson thugs," referring to "a plague of black violence" in the wake of the killing of an unarmed 18-year-old black man by police officers in the Missouri town outside of St. Louis on Aug. 9.

Nugent penned a column at World Net Daily (via Huffington Post) to air his grievances against what he sees as unfair media coverage and black citizens' support of it. "Our national propaganda ministry reported ad nauseum the detailed description and race of Michael Brown and that of the police officer who killed him," Nugent wrote. "Based on crime stats in Ferguson and elsewhere, it would be a safe bet to assume the two thugs the police are looking for are black males between the age of 15 and 25."

Nugent then launched into a series of wide-sweeping generalizations on this complex subject, claiming that it's a "safe bet the two thugs being searched for were raised by a single parent, have criminal records, are high school dropouts, don’t have jobs and are very likely to be members of a gang."

The rocker has been down this road before, blasting the "liberal media" for its one-sided coverage of events and having been accused of racism based on his views. “To call me a racist is a clear act of desperation," he said in July after one of his concerts was canceled in light of some of his comments. "Because everybody knows I’m not a racist!”

Nugent pegged the recent incident involving Brown and the Ferguson police as another sign of liberal bias -- an invitation to once again slam liberalism in general, something the gun-toting, right-leaning Nugent sees as a threat to this country. "The road to peace and prosperity in America is to reject the big liberal lie and all those who endorse it," he concluded. "Liberalism is a lie. Liberalism is a scam. Liberalism is a killer."

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