In what must have come as a terrible shock for Ted Nugent fans who forgot to check their calendars this morning, the Motor City Madman celebrated April Fool's Day this year by pretending to endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

"Ok, Ive seen the light. There's only 1 hope for America & mankind & that is a Hillary Clinton presidency," Nugent wrote in a Facebook post complete with a Photoshopped picture of him with his arm around the Democratic candidate. "I officially endorse this fine woman of integrity & grit for POTUS 2016! Ive been terribly mistaken over the years but have come to my senses."

Those who made it past the first few sentences, however, quickly received affirmation that nothing has changed with Nugent's famously right-wing political views.

"She's right, there is no reason for anyone to earn their own way, the government's #1 job is to redistribute the earnings of the cheaters who startup all those evil corporations & earn their own way," continued Nugent. "She's correct when she reaches out to the world by opening our US borders to the needy & downtrodden to come here and get their fair share & enrich our lives with their wonderful cultural diversity. She will carryon the legacy of the great Barak Obama when he raises awareness that global warming is the real threat to our security & that ISL is the religion of peace. Go Hillary! You go girl."

As previously reported, Nugent recently made headlines when he suggested that Clinton and President Obama should be "hung" — just the latest in a long line of inflammatory remarks that have kept Nugent in the public eye in recent years. He issued his real endorsement late last year, calling Republican candidate Donald Trump "the hellraiser America has needed for a very long time."

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