Ted Nugent has endorsed the person who he wants to succeed Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. "Donald Trump," Nugent says in a new Facebook post, "is the hellraiser America has needed for a very long time."

At the same time, Nugent seems to have some measure of admiration for one of Trump's other Republican challengers, as well. "He and Ted Cruz may be the only hope to end the criminal jihad on America by our own corrupt punk-ass government, media and big-biz goons," Nugent said. "Are there enough Americans smart enough to end the nightmare?"

Nugent also attached a lengthy essay by William J. Bennett, a former education secretary under Ronald Reagan and drug czar under George H. Bush, that outlines Bennett's expectations for a possible Trump presidency. Nugent concludes by encouraging voters to "stop the America-hating devil democrats. Make it happen!"

In less politically charged, and much sadder, news out of the Nugent camp, the Motor City Madman has lost a dog named Gonzo, who was 12. Gonzo, who Nugent says was "the greatest huntin' lab," died on Sunday (Dec. 13), the day his owner turned 68. "I can barely type; I can barely breathe," Nugent says, in a separate Facebook post. "We can't stop the tears, but are fortified and eternally happy that we were so blessed with such a wonderful companion for so many years."

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