He's scored hits, sold millions of records, and earned himself a visit from the Secret Service -- and now, Ted Nugent can add 'focus of Twitter death hoax' to his list of accomplishments.

The popular social media network, which has given rise to erroneous death reports regarding Eddie Murphy, Drake, Denzel Washington, Megan Fox -- and many others -- was all abuzz with the #RIPTedNugent hashtag yesterday (Jan. 10), inspiring thousands of users to weigh in with wisecracks about ol' Uncle Ted (who is very much alive, by the way).

In bad taste? Perhaps. But it's all in good fun, and regardless of what you think of Nugent's music, politics, or personal lifestyle choices, there's no denying that the hoax brought out amateur comedians all over Twitter, 140 characters at a time. We've embedded a few choice tweets below:

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