On April 14, 2012, while speaking at an NRA Convention in St. Louis, Mo., Ted Nugent declared that he would be "either dead or in jail by this time next year" If President Obama was re-elected.

As we all know, the election didn't go the way Nugent wanted, but thankfully (and hopefully) neither one of those two predictions appears likely to come true. However, if you expected the Motor City Madman to be embarrassed or back off his words as this anniversary approaches, well... you don't know Uncle Ted very well now, do you?

Speaking on the 'Cam & Company' program recently, Nugent instead blasted those who mocked his statement, while denouncing a proposed universal background check law that he contends would leave lawful gun owners subject to outrageous felony charges. "It’s funny (to them) that I might be dead or in jail. And that is so indicative of how callous and disconnected some (people) are, because you are talking about arbitrary, punitive, capricious, draconian felonies."

Nugent's 2012 comments -- which he admitted "caught a lot of my friends off guard" -- kicked off a tumultuous series of events, including his being dropped from a concert in Fort Knox, Ky. and being asked to meet with the Secret Service to discuss his statement.

The guitar legend declared the encounter a "good, solid, professional meeting -- concluding that I have never made any threats of violence towards anyone."

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