Ted Nugent has shared an unconventional preview of a new song entitled "Come and Take It."

The outspoken guitar hero enthusiastically played the song multiple times over his mobile phone during a live Facebook video stream yesterday, and also offered an impromptu live demonstration of how he plays the song's middle section.

You can see Nugent sharing "Come and Take It" below. He is also selling autographed flags and hats bearing the song's title on his official website. "I mean come on, is the freedom battle cry more obvious than that?" Nugent says of the song's message.

Back in April Nugent suggested that his next album, his first since 2018's The Music Made Me Do It, would be titled Handsome Devil after a public compliment paid to him by former President Donald Trump.

However according to Rock Celebrities, during a June livestream Nugent declared that the album would instead be called Detroit Muscle. Nugent also went on to reveal a planned track listing for the album, which in addition to "Come and Take It" and the title track included "Born in the Motor City," "Just Leave Me Alone," "American Campfire, "Driving Blind," "Alaska," "Leave the Lights On," "Winter Spring Summer Fall" and "Feedback Grind Fire."

During an early July livecast, Nugent said he hopes to release the new song "sometime in the next month or so," with the full album tentatively planned to follow before the winter.

He also declared himself "very proud of the recording," which will feature his recent touring bandmates, drummer Jason Hartless and bassist Greg Smith. "We’re very proud of the musical integrity and the spirit and the attitude.”


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