Tuesday night's Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at Los Angeles' Kia Forum featured an eclectic lineup of musicians once again paying tribute to the late drummer.

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters followed the same basic format as the earlier London tribute which took place earlier this month, sharing the stage with dozens of Hawkins' friends and musical heroes for a wide-ranging collection of cover songs before closing out the evening with their own headlining set.

"We started working on putting both of these shows together a long, long time ago," Grohl explained early in the evening, "because what we really wanted to do was to pay tribute to Taylor in a way that you could sort of spend some time in his musical mind. Just as with the show in London, we've all gathered here to celebrate this person that has touched our lives – whether from afar, or for all of his friends and family and loved ones, and musician buddies and heroes who are here tonight.

"If any of you ever had the blessing of spending time with Taylor," Grohl added, "you know that that dude could make you smile and dance and laugh and sing. So what we've done is we've brought an even crazier cast of characters for you tonight."

Violet Grohl and Alain Johannes
1. "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen cover)


Joan Jett with Travis Barker and Foo Fighters
2. "Cherry Bomb" (Runaways cover)
3. "Bad Reputation"


Chevy Metal
4. "Riff Raff" (AC/DC cover)
5. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Yes cover, with Jon Davison)
6. "Heroes" (David Bowie cover, with Kesha)


Coattail Riders with Josh Freese and Justin Hawkins
7. "Range Rover Bitch"
8. "It's Over"
9. "Something About You" (Level 42 cover, with Mark King)
10. "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" (the Darkness cover, with Rufus Thomas)


James Gang
11. "Walk Away"
12. "The Bomber: Closet Queen / Bolero / Cast Your Fate to the Wind"
13. "Funk #49 (with Dave Grohl)"


Mark Ronson, Andrew Watt, Roger Manning and Dave Grohl
14. "Right On Down the Line" (Gerry Rafferty cover)


Them Crooked Vultures
15. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (Elton John cover)
16. "Dead End Friends"
17. "Long Slow Goodbye" (Queens of the Stone Age cover)


Wolfgang Van Halen with Josh Freese, Justin Hawkins and Dave Grohl
18. "Panama" (Van Halen cover)
19. "Hot for Teacher" (Van Halen cover)


Def Leppard
20. "Rock of Ages"
21. "Photograph" (with Miley Cyrus)


Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Derek Day
22. "Live Wire"
23. "Home Sweet Home"


Elliot Easton with Josh Homme
24. "Shake It Up" (The Cars cover)
25. "Just What I Needed" (The Cars cover)


Nancy Wilson, Pink and Jon Theodore
26. "Barracuda" (Heart cover)


Stewart Copeland
27. "Next to You" (The Police cover)
28. "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" (The Police cover, with Jon Davison)


Alanis Morissette with Chris Chaney and Chad Smith
29. "You Oughta Know"


Sebastian Bach with Geezer Butler and Lars Ulrich
30. "Supernaut" (Black Sabbath cover)
31. "Paranoid" (Black Sabbath cover)


Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
32. "2112 Part I: Overture" (Rush cover, with Dave Grohl)
33. "Working Man" (Rush cover, with Chad Smith)
34. "YYZ" (Rush cover, with Danny Carey of Tool)


Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, Krist Novoselic and Taylor Momsen
35. "The Day I Tried to Live" (Soundgarden cover)
36. "Black Hole Sun" (Soundgarden cover)


Brian May and Roger Taylor
37. "We Will Rock You" (with Justin Hawkins)
38. "I'm In Love With My Car"
39. "Under Pressure" (with Justin Hawkins)
40. "Somebody to Love" (with Pink)
41. "Love of my Life" (Brian May solo acoustic)


Foo Fighters
42. "All My Life" (with Josh Freese)
43. "The Pretender" (with Pink and Jon Theodore)
44. "Walk" (with Travis Barker)
45. "Low" (with Matt Cameron)
46. "This Is A Call" (with Brad Wilk)
47. "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" (with Pat Wilson)
48. "Creep" (Radiohead cover, with Dave Chapelle and Pat Wilson)
49. "Run" (with Omar Hakim)
50. "Best Of You" (with Rufus Taylor)
51. "My Hero" (with Shane Hawkins)
52. "I'll Stick Around" (with Shane Hawkins)
53. "Everlong" (with Chad Smith)

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