T. Rex has probably the only song on our Top 100 Classic Rock Songs list with two different titles.

‘Get It On’ was the single’s original U.K. title and Marc Bolan and his group took the track, originating from the album ‘Electric Warrior,' to No. 1 in 1971.

Later, when the single was released in the USA (Jan. 1972) it was re-titled ‘Bang A Gong (Get It On)’ to distinguish it from another song with the same name by a band called Chase. The single went to No. 10 on the Billboard chart and turned out to be T.Rex’s shining moment and their biggest selling hit.

The hypnotic groove of this Tony Visconti produced song begs you to play it repeatedly. The boogie-like piano, the Flo and Eddie (The Turtles) back-up vocals and Bolan’s sassy guitar give way to the simple but suggestive lyrics that radiate like the "hub-cap-diamond-star-halo" that the author sings about.

Bolan found rhythm in his language and will long be remembered as a poet turned superstar. 40 years later ‘Bang A Gong (Get It On)’ still plays a crucial part in pop culture, most recently heard in the trailer for the upcoming ‘Dark Shadows’ film.

Rewind through the decades and you’ll recall that the Power Station had a smash hit with it, Blondie have covered and recorded it live and last but not least, Joan Jett told Sirius radio that this single was one of the songs she used to learned to play guitar.

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Watch T. Rex Perform 'Bang A Gong (Get It On)'

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