Classic hits from the Cars, Electric Light Orchestra and Blondie helped this weekend's box-office champ, 'Super 8,' capture the spirit of the late '70s perfectly. The film, set in 1979, concerns a group of children who witness a train crash that leads to unimaginable consequences for their hometown.

ELO's 'Don't Bring Me Down,' which was also recently featured in a beer commercial, plays as the kids are released from captivity on the last day of school. (We guess Alice Cooper's 'School's Out' has been done, huh?)

Their first order of business is to film a zombie movie, which for reasons never fully explained, has to be done behind their parents' backs. So, they sneak out of their houses at night, and that's where our young hero, Joe Lamb, learns that his secret crush, Alice, has joined the cast. As they all sneak off in a "borrowed" car at midnight for the train station, the Cars' 'Bye Bye Love' plays as Joe pretty much falls in love with Alice in front of our eyes.

Then: train crash, disappearing dogs, chaos, heroics, secrets revealed, old conflicts coming to light at just the wrong time -- you know the drill. It's all very good fun, though, and the music is a very big part of the appeal.

We won't give away the important scene in which Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' actually plays a role in the film, but we can tell you that Paul McCartney's 'Silly Love Songs' and various disco tracks (relax, they get mocked soundly) also rear their heads in this excellent movie. By all means, go see -- and hear -- 'Super 8.'

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