One of the two most recently discovered moons of the planet Pluto has been given a name that's very familiar to classic rock fans: Styx.

According to Universe Today, the International Astronomical Union assigned that handle to the tiny moon previously known only as 'P5.' In an exclusive response to this breaking galactic news, Styx keyboardist Lawrence Gowan told Ultimate Classic Rock the band is already planning to capitalize on this new opportunity: "Charlie Brusco, our manager, is currently booking us a residency gig there. Tickets are almost completely sold out in advance!"

HIs bandmate, longtime Styx guitarist and songwriter Tommy Shaw, adds that "Styx is proud to accept this new heavenly chart position as we add orbiting Pluto to our ever expanding touring map. As always we have our fans to thank for it and I predict a new Styx T-Shirt in the making!"

Apparently -- and for reasons we couldn't possibly be bothered to research -- the IAU is required to name all new moons after Greek and Roman underworld personas. Styx isn't really a person, but rather a mythological river forming the boundary between the living and the dead.

This name choice is apparently going to tick off some 'Star Trek' fans, who pushed the name 'Vulcan' to victory in a public poll regarding the potential names of the two newly discovered moons last year.

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