The Cars track “Moving in Stereo” is featured in a clip from the upcoming season of Stranger Things, in which the famous pool scene from 1982 movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High is referenced.

In the new clip – ahead of Season 3’s arrival via Netflix on July 4 – Stranger Things character Billy Hargrove walks along a poolside to take over his watch as lifeguard, as a number of women admire his body – despite his jerk-like behavior towards a young boy.

Although the scene doesn’t directly compare to the Fast Times moment where Brad Hamilton fantasizes about Linda Barrett taking off her bikini top and embracing him, the sexual implications are made clear by the use of “Moving in Stereo.”

You can watch both clips below:

The scene was previously parodied in the Family Guy Season 3 episode “The Kiss Seen Around the World,” where Meg Griffin fantasizes about newsreader Tom Tucker, again with the Cars track confirming the Fast Times connection. You can watch that moment below:

“Moving in Stereo” appeared on the Cars’ self-titled debut album in 1978 and remains regarded as a prime example of their most experimental pop music. It was never released as a single and didn’t even appear on the Fast Times soundtrack LP. The Cars is regarded as one of the best debut releases of all time and remains the band’s best-selling title, reaching No. 18 and shifting more than six million copies. The band were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last year, when the Killers frontman Brandon Flowers hailed how they’d “left a comet trail behind them, writing and recording songs that transcended into classics.”

The Cars – “Moving in Stereo”


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