Original Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton passed away in 2009, but his dynamic playing and presence has not been forgotten. On April 19, 2011, his former bandmates held a tribute concert to honor his legacy and music. A DVD from that night, appropriately titled 'Tribute to Ron Asheton,' is now making its way to DVD on June 4 via MVD.

Recorded live at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, this concert was put together by Ron's sister Kathy and curated by Stooges singer Iggy Pop.

In addition to Pop, Ron's brother and bandmate Scott Asheton, bassist Mike Watt, saxophonist Steve Mackay and 'Raw Power'-era Stooges guitarist James Williamson performed as the Stooges at the event.

The evening also featured guests Henry Rollins and guitarist Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman. The band even used a string section while performing a few Stooges classics. "Some of his (Asheton's) themes always reminded me a lot of...classical music in the 17th century," Pop told Billboard.

Highlights of the band's groundbreaking trio of albums -- 'The Stooges' (1969), 'Funhouse' (1970) and 'Raw Power' (1972) were featured, as well as some relatively obscure material like 'Open Up And Bleed' and 'Beyond The Law.' The DVD also features interviews with fellow musicians and famous fans. All profits from the sale of the DVD go to the Ron Asheton Foundation, which supports animal welfare and music.

This post has been updated to reflect the new release date of June 4 instead of April 9.

Watch the 'Tribute to Ron Asheton' Trailer

'Tribute to Ron Asheton' Track Listing:

1. I Got a Right (with Henry Rollins)
2. Raw Power
3. Search and Destroy
4. Gimme Danger
5. Shake Appeal
6. 1970
7. L.A. Blues
8. Night Theme
9. Beyond the Law
10. Fun House
11. Open Up And Bleed
12. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog
14. TV Eye
15. Loose
16. Dirt
17. Real Cool Time
18. Iggy's Speech
19. Ron's Tune
20. No Fun


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