The reunion of the Stooges is about to result in its second album. Although no release date has been announced, we have learned that the legendary protopunk band have finished 'Ready to Die,' the follow-up to 'The Weirdness,' their comeback album 2007.

The news comes courtesy of Melinda Newman of HitFix, who got the news directly from producer Ed Cherney when she ran into him on Wednesday (Jan. 23) at a Los Angeles recording studio. Cherney told Newman that the album is "old-time Stooges. It’s raw. They’re great songs, but not necessarily big choruses. They’re the anti-christ of anthems.”

Cherney said that the lyrics by the perpetually shirtless Iggy Pop were "very timely," adding, "He knows what he wants to say. He’s watching the world around him.” He also said that two of the songs were titled, 'I Got a Job But It Don’t Pay S---' and 'Gun.'

The death of guitarist Ron Asheton in 2009 brought James Williamson, who joined the group for their shambolic classic 'Raw Power,' back into the fold. Bass chores were handled by Mike Watt, who made his name in the seminal 80s hardcore punk band the Minutemen.

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