What sparked a series of insults from a heckler remains unclear, but Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo certainly put a stop to it. Watch as he has the unruly fan removed from New York City's Irving Plaza, where STP was performing on Monday (April 27).

But first, DeLeo gives just as good as he presumably got. The guitarist can be heard calling off Stone Temple Pilot's version of "Big Empty," from 1994's Purple. "Hold on! Turn on the f–ing house lights," DeLeo says, before launching into a withering, profanity-laced tirade. "I want this motherf–er outta here, right here. Get him the f– outta here. ... Get out of my show, you d–head. Get out of my f–ing show, you douchebag. Get the f– out of here."

After the fan is led away, Stone Temple Pilots return to "Big Empty," after some coaxing form the remaining members of the crowd. The song was originally performed, of course, by departed frontman Scott Weiland – who has since been replaced by Chester Bennington. It's unknown, however, whether the barbs were related to that lineup switch.

Stone Temple Pilots have a few more spring dates set; they will return for additional shows later in the fall, beginning in September at Cleveland. Weiland, who exchanged post-split lawsuits with the band, is remaining busy, too. He has his own solo recording out, and handled vocals for an album by the new supergroup Art of Anarchy, as well.

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