When we picture Sting, we don't typically picture a fully bearded man wearing a fitted dark suit and one of those old-fashioned stringy bow ties. Thinking back to his Police days, that's the last thing in the world we would have ever expected to see him in.

But modern-era Sting and Police-era Sting are two different animals (except when modern-era Sting revisited his Police days for the purpose of a massive payout), and that's exactly how modern-era Sting decided to dress on one night back in 2009 for a special performance at the posh Salle Pleyel concert hall in Paris to celebrate the release of his 'If On a Winter's Night...' album.

We doubt it was on purpose, but we couldn't help but notice his striking resemblance to a certain Civil War hero and 18th President of the United States. Ulysses S. Grant was credited with leading the Union army over the Confederate, thus ending the Civil War and beginning the period known as Reconstruction. Which kind of sounds like a new genre of music.

What do you think -- can Sting pull off the Civil War hero look?

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