Roger Waters is no stranger to the movie business, having penned the screenplay to the 1982 British live action/animated big screen adaptation of the classic Pink Floyd album 'The Wall.'

Actor Richard Gere has some experience in rock 'n' roll-themed movies, having starred alongside five other actors portraying Bob Dylan in the semi-biographical 2007 Dylan flick 'I'm Not There.'

Gere wasn't necessarily supposed to look like Dylan in that movie -- he portrayed Dylan's "Billy the Kid" persona -- but if Hollywood ever makes a biopic about Pink Floyd, Gere should definitely top the list of actors considered for the part of Waters. Both share distinguished features, winning smiles, and graying, slightly shaggy hair. At 68, Roger has six years on the 62-year-old Gere, but both look great for their age.

Speaking of looking great, Waters probably couldn't hand pick a better celebrity to resemble than Gere, who was named People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1999. Waters was way too busy at the time to feel slighted for not making the list -- after all, it was that same year he embarked on his first live shows in 12 years.

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