Stevie Nicks sat down for an exclusive chat with Ultimate Classic Rock recently. Among the topics discussed, she mentioned how Nirvana and Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl had a lot to do with her finally completing the documentary ‘In Your Dreams.’

Recently released on home video, ‘In Your Dreams’ takes viewers inside Nicks' world as she discusses her creative process. "I said to Dave, 'I'm heartsick because my record is dead,'" she says. "'I'm so disillusioned with the music business.'"

Nicks says she shared her frustrations with Grohl about her latest album, also titled 'In Your Dreams,' and how it just came and went in 2011. He asked if they had filmed the recording process; she said yes, but the footage needed to be edited. Grohl told her to go home that night and call producer Dave Stewart about putting together the movie.

"I called [him] and said, 'If we wait any longer, this whole thing's not going to be relevant,'" Nicks recalls. "We worked off and on all the way through the summer and into the fall."

You can watch the interview above.

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