Aerosmith told us that falling in love is hard on the knees -- but according to the rumors swirling around singer Steven Tyler's recent engagement, it can apparently also be hard on one's family.

TMZ reports that Tyler's loved ones are "furious" that he asked his longtime girlfriend Erin Brady to marry him, with anonymous sources telling the site that "she's just not nice" and "she's just been mean to the family."

The report goes on to allege that Tyler worsened the rift between Brady and his family by proposing to her without letting them know first. Which might sound too petty to be true -- Tyler's kids are fully grown, after all, and who he marries shouldn't really affect anyone besides himself -- but if we've learned anything from watching the three-ring publicity circus surrounding Tyler over the years, it's that nothing is too strange to be believed.

Whenever the nuptials take place, Tyler will have to schedule them around Aerosmith's big plans for 2012, which include a new album and major tour. Perhaps the Joe Perry Project can play at the reception? Fingers crossed!

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