Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, who has struggled with substance abuse, admits that there are two times in his life that he has attempted to kill himself.

In a new interview with Rukus Magazine, Adler talked about his lowest point, prior to joining ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ and says that on two separate occasions, he took 100 Valium, drank an entire bottle of Jagermeister and shot up ¾ of a gram of heroin, his recipe for attempted suicide.

When neither attempt worked, Adler turned to Dr. Drew Pinsky and ‘Celebrity Rehab’ for help with his issues, initially targeting his addictions to heroin, crack and pills. In the new season of ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ his second stint with the show, Adler says that he finally got to work on his remaining addictions: Jagermeister and pot.

Adler tells Rukus that he’s clean and sober now, having “made the complete change.” He says that it’s “amazing how small of an effort it takes if you just give a little when you want to change.”

The new season of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ will debut on Sunday, June 26.

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